Moor House Research and Training Institute, led by Dr Susan Ebbels, is part of Moor House School & College and aims to 

  1. carry out intervention research with school-aged children with language disorders

  2. provide training courses for professionals on-site, off-site and online,

  3. create resources for professionals working with school-aged children with language disorder

    Available courses

    This online course on the SHAPE CODINGTM system is for professionals and parents interested in learning more about this system which aims to help teach children with language disorders the grammar of English. The course takes 6-14 hours to complete, which you can spread out as you wish. Those who have completed it have said it is better to spread it out rather than try to do it in one day. Access to the course will normally last for six months.

    This course is available continuously, but normally the trainers will only be available to give personalised feedback at certain times of the year. Thus, you can take a course at any time, but can only receive your certificate of completion following a period when the trainers are available. Currently we have no set times for feedback, trainers will aim to respond within 1-2 weeks.

    If you have any difficulties please email or use the forum within the course. 

    For a face-to-face version of this course, please see here. FACE-TO-FACE COURSES ARE SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

    Course participants are not permitted to run courses on the SHAPE CODINGTM  system following this course (further courses are required to become a trainer) and will be required to sign an agreement to this effect before commencing the course.

    UK course participants may, if they wish, also purchase the SHAPE CODINGTM app at a discounted rate once they are inside the course.

    Please login top right to gain access to this course

    This course aims to update Speech and Language Therapists (and other interested professionals) on the current evidence base for intervention for school-aged children with Developmental Language Disorder (DLD). It will focus predominantly on the effectiveness of different methods of service delivery, comprehension and production at the word, sentence and narrative level.

    This course will be run live online for organisations that have specifically booked the training for their staff. Handouts are available here for those with the password. If you wish to book training for your organisation, please contact

    We are looking to run this online for anyone to join at a future date. If you are interested, please register your interest with and we will book in a date when we have sufficient interest.

    This course will be run live on 16th and 23rd June, but handouts can be downloaded here. For information, please click here