Moor House Research and Training Institute, led by Dr Susan Ebbels, is part of Moor House School & College and aims to 

  1. carry out intervention research with school-aged children with language disorders

  2. provide training courses for professionals on-site, off-site and online,

  3. create resources for professionals working with school-aged children with language disorder

    Available courses

    This online course focuses on how to use the WHEEL OF INDEPENDENCE Framework tool online. It is recommended that any member of staff who works within an organisation that uses the framework completes this course.

    The introduction covers the eight life skill areas and how they are broken down into levels of difficulty; how progress is tracked through individual reporting and target sheets; how to develop a baseline and how to score the skill areas correctly. This introduction is fully online and can be completed at the learners own pace.

    Following completion of this you may also be interested in the live online course- Maximising independence for students. For more information please visit our website.

    If you would like further personalised support in your work with children or young people on developing their life skills (e.g. planning intervention using the WHEEL OF INDEPENDENCE(TM) Framework)  MHRTI offers bespoke support sessions with one of our trainers. Please contact for pricing and further details.

    A course designed to introduce classroom practitioners to ten key strategies that can be used to support pupils with Developmental Language Disorder. This course takes approximately 1.5-2 hours. You can spread out your time on this course as you wish.

    Access to the course will normally last for 4 weeks.

    This course is available continuously and you can take it at any time. 

    If you have any difficulties please email or use the forum within the course. 

    Please login top right to gain access to this course (£20 per person). For bulk offer of 15 people for the price of 10, please email

    This online course on the SHAPE CODINGTM system is for professionals and parents interested in learning more about this system which aims to help teach children with language disorders the grammar of English. The course takes 6-14 hours to complete, which you can spread out as you wish. Those who have completed it have said it is better to spread it out rather than try to do it in one day. Access to the course will normally last for six months.

    This course is available continuously and you can take it at any time. Trainers will aim to respond with workshop feedback within 1-2 weeks, but may be a bit slower during any school holidays.

    If you have any difficulties please email and/or use the troubleshooting forum within the course. 

    Course participants are not permitted to run courses on the SHAPE CODINGTM  system following this course (further courses are required to become a trainer) and will be required to sign an agreement to this effect before commencing the course.

    Please login top right to gain access to this course (£119 per person), for 5 for the price of 4 offer, please email

    This course provides opportunities to become more confident with the coding taught in the Part 1 course, particularly aimed at those who are new to supporting young people with a language disorder and/or who deliver/support speech and language therapy programmes devised by SLTs. For more information see here.
    This course will next run live via Zoom two mornings:
    • 4th March 9:00-12:30 GMT
    • 25th March 9:00-12.30 GMT 
    To book this course for your organisation please contact


    This course will be run live online on in March 2021, but handouts and workshops will be available here.

    • Day 1: Thurs 11th March 2021, 09:00-13:00 GMT
    • Day 2: Thurs 18th March, 2021, 09:00-13:00 GMT

    For more information, please click here. To book this training for your organisation, please email